Bikes ready to be shipped to improve life in Africa.

Peace of Mind Riding - Bright Ideas

Community Involvement

Shutterspokes is proud to partner with the not-for-profit charity Africycle. Africycle collects and sends bicycles to one of the poorest countries of the world, Malawi. The bicycles are fixed and distributed by locals to improve health care delivery, and provide an economical means of transportation and income. If you have a bicycle you no longer need Shutterspokes would be happy to collect it on behalf of Africycle.

Get Cycling Peace of Mind with the use of bike lights. Be sure that you and your kids are seen by motorists. When riding with the traffic it is important to have a rear facing red light. Flashing lights are more easily noticed than steady lights. They also last typically twice as long compared to always on lights.

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Peace of Mind Mechanic - Rear Derailleur

Do you have noisy gears? Do they shift roughly? Perhaps your bike has been dropped on the ground carelessly and the derailleur has been bent towards the spokes. This could be catastrophe if the derailleur goes into the spokes. Come get your bike safety checked. Call for an appointment.