Basic Tune-Up ($55)
Includes Brake System and Gear System Check-Up PLUS

  • Headset and bottom bracket inspected and adjusted if necessary
  • Tires inspected and inflated
  • Frame wipe down

Major Tune-Up ($80)

Includes Basic Tune-Up PLUS

  • Drivetrain components (chain, derailleurs) removed where practical, cleaned and lubed
  • Wheels trued laterally, radially and tensioned
  • Hubs, spokes and rims cleaned

Basic Overhaul ($110)
Includes Major Tune-Up PLUS

  • Hubs, bottom bracket, and headset disassembled, cleaned, inspected and reassembled with fresh grease and bearings

Major Overhaul ($150)
Includes Basic Overhaul PLUS

  • Pedal overhaul
  • Frame and fork alignment where possible
  • Full frame clean and wax

Cost and installation of parts is not included

Peace of Mind Safety Check ($20)
50+ Point Checklist

  • Inspection of parts for security and position
  • Adjustment of key items
  • Report on further suggested adjustments

Brake System ($25)

  • Inspect for worn parts
  • Lubricate cables and housing
  • Adjust levers for position and reach
  • Adjust positioning of brake pads
  • Wheels inspected for loose hub and adjusted if necessary
  • Wheels adjusted for lateral true if necessary
  • Wheels reinstalled with proper alignment and security

Gear System Check-Up ($30)

  • Inspect components for wear ( chain, cassette, chainrings)
  • Lubricate cables and housing
  • Adjustment of both front and rear derailleur for optimal performance
  • Cleaning and inspection of freewheel/freehub
  • Pivot points of derailleurs lubed
  • Wheel reinstalled with proper alignment and security

Cost and installation of parts is not included

The greatest enjoyment comes from a well tuned bike that offers you assured braking and gear shifting. A well maintained bike will give you years of faithful service.

Home Bicycle Pick-Up and Delivery can be arranged

Keeping You on the Road

Other Services

Tube or Tire Replacement (+Parts)
Full Bike Wash
Install Handlebar Tape
Install Cables and Housing (pair)
Drive Train Cleaning
Parts Installation
10. - 25.00