World Championships, Hamilton 2003

    Cycling and photography have been a big part of my life from a very early age.

    From the time that I inherited my older brother's bicycle at the age of 6, I've always been on the go. At the age of 16 I completed my first extended bike tour, 1000 km over three weeks in the Maritimes. And three years later 1200 km along the eastern United States. I spent many hours taking apart and reassembling my bicycles to be sure that they were in good working order. More recently I have completed a Professional Bicycle Mechanics course at the Winterborne Bicycle Institute to update and enhance my skills.

    My interest in photography goes back almost as far as my cycling. I had no real idea what I was doing when I took my first photo, a portrait of my brother, almost 50 years ago (see below). As a teenager I was one of three yearbook photographers and spent countless hours  in my home darkroom developing and printing black and white photos. With the advent of the digital age I have expanded my photographic interests and abilities.

Olympics 1976 - Montreal.

My first photo.

Bicycle touring 1976

Hi!  I'm Ken,